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A Medical Weight Loss Program To Treat & Reverse Chronic Disease

  • Eat real food

  • No calorie counting

  • Physician supervised by a board certified obesity medicine specialist

  • Feel satisfied instead of hungry

  • Overcome food addiction

  • Lifestyle changes that are affordable and sustainable

  • No need to buy expensive supplements

  • Easy access to support from your physician between visits

  • No meal replacements

  • Meal plans modified for your likes and dislikes

  • Option to use medication if appropriate

Medical weight loss can help improve or reverse diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, fatty liver, GERD (heartburn), chronic inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and more. 

We use a  customized, multifaceted approach to ensure success
  • Ketogenic diet

  • Low carb diet

  • Carnivore diet

  • Paleo diet

  • Individualized approach to diet

  • Intermittent fasting

  • OMAD (One Meal A Day)

  • 5:2 diet

  • Eat-stop-eat

  • Laboratory evaluation to aid in decision-making

  • Lifestyle management to ensure best environment management for weight loss

  • Medical fitness

The Program

Initial visit

The initial visit will be scheduled for one hour so that we have the chance to discuss your full medical history as well as efforts at previous weight loss. The visit can be conducted in person in the office or remotely by using HIPPA compliant  encrypted video technology with your desktop or smartphone from the comfort of your home. We will then discuss laboratory that may be helpful in the weight loss journey and begin to customize a program to fit your needs.

Week 2-6

For the next 5 weeks we will meet  four times to monitor progress, head off problems,  and measure your success. We will monitor your weight, blood pressure and other relevant parameters. We will discuss the feasibility of the use of medications after reviewing your lab results.

Week 7-12

In the next six weeks we will meet three times. We will repeat labs to monitor progress and help with fine-tuning of diet and medication. We will approach difficulties you may be having and begin to focus on other aspects of wellness such as sleep quality, fitness, level of stress and more. 

week 13-16

We will meet once during this four week span. We will continue to monitor progress with weight. blood pressure, etc. We will fine tune your diet and other aspects of your journey such as working to develop a fitness plan, making sure your sleep is adequate, and address other barriers to weight loss. We will begin to transition to long term plans that help you to successfully keep your weight off. 

Week 17-20

During this month we will meet once and continue the transition for long term success. We will discuss factors that will increase your chances of success in the long term based on medical evidence. We will repeat labs once more for continued monitoring of success and to help with adjustment of diet and other aspects. 

Week 21-24

We will meet one more time this month to finalize your plans for future success. We will review your lab results and review any final issues that need to be tweaked or changed to ensure long term success. 

What is included in the plan?

  • Virtual or in-office appointments for your convenience

  • Blue tooth digital smart scale/body composition scale to aid in accountability

  • Evaluation of three comprehensive lab panels

  • Labs available at 85-90% less than standard labs (approximately $20 for comprehensive panel). Other relevant labs available at reduced prices as well

  • Structured physician managed plan including a total of 12 visits over 6 months

  • Initial medical evaluation with detailed plan if desired

  • Advice regarding exercise plan

  • Encourage patients to obtain glucose monitoring device so that we can use it to provide good advice/information

  • A significant time commitment from an Obesity Medicine board certified physician to ensure that you stay on track to meet your goals in a relaxed supportive setting

  • We care about your success!



For personalized plan with intensive physician-monitored guidance including 12 total visits and smart scale with body composition monitoring


For personalized plan with physician-monitored guidance including 8 total visits

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